SAP customizing tables that contain the field VSTEL – Shipping Point/Receiving Point

SAP customizing tables that contain the field VSTEL – Shipping Point/Receiving Point

CIF_MAP_SP_SL – Unique Mapping of Shipping Point to Storage Location (Position of VSTEL within CIF_MAP_SP_SL: 2)

J_1AOFNR3 – Exception table for deal type determ.(export/domestic) (Position of VSTEL within J_1AOFNR3: 2)

J_1ASNRDT1 – Branch Determination for Deliveries (Position of VSTEL within J_1ASNRDT1: 3)

J_1A_WS_BRANCH – AR:WS Branch determination(Shipping Point) (Position of VSTEL within J_1A_WS_BRANCH: 3)

J_1IEXSRDET – Excise / Series group determination (Position of VSTEL within J_1IEXSRDET: 5)

OIKTPIRD – TPI: SD doc. – obsolete – but needed for XPRA ROIKXTPIREL (Position of VSTEL within OIKTPIRD: 9)

T001L – Storage Locations (Position of VSTEL within T001L: 15)

T001W – Plants/Branches (Position of VSTEL within T001W: 55)

T323V – Error handling (Host)- Decentralized SD (Definition of mail) (Position of VSTEL within T323V: 2)

T340D – WM Default Values (Position of VSTEL within T340D: 50)

TCGR5 – EHS: Condition Schema for RGV Selection – Table 5 (Position of VSTEL within TCGR5: 7)

TMS_C_SHP – Ext. Transport Manag.: Determination of Transfer Relev. SHP (Position of VSTEL within TMS_C_SHP: 2)

TOI0_REL_SD – IS-OIL: Relevance customizing for SD Documents (Position of VSTEL within TOI0_REL_SD: 12)

TOIKTRV – LID TAS relevance determination (Position of VSTEL within TOIKTRV: 7)

TTPLST – Determination of Transportation Planning Point f. BAPI Call (Position of VSTEL within TTPLST: 2)

TVDSS – Profiles for Subsequent Outbound Delivery Split (Position of VSTEL within TVDSS: 12)

TVKN – Routes: Transportation Connection Points (Position of VSTEL within TVKN: 23)

TVKOL – Picking: Storage Location Determination for Deliveries (Position of VSTEL within TVKOL: 2)

TVLA – Org.unit: Loading points per shipping point (Position of VSTEL within TVLA: 2)

TVLAT – Org.Unit: Loading points per shipping point: Texts (Position of VSTEL within TVLAT: 3)

TVST – Organizational Unit: Shipping Points (Position of VSTEL within TVST: 2)

TVSTT – Organizational Unit: Shipping Points: Texts (Position of VSTEL within TVSTT: 3)

TVSTZ – Organizational Unit: Shipping Points per Plant (Position of VSTEL within TVSTZ: 6)

TVSTZ_STORLOC – Storage-Location-Specific Shipping Point Determination (Position of VSTEL within TVSTZ_STORLOC: 6)

TVSWZ – Shipping Points per Plant (Position of VSTEL within TVSWZ: 3)

VXSIPS – Packing Station (Position of VSTEL within VXSIPS: 3)

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