SAP customizing tables that contain the field VKORG – Sales Organization

SAP customizing tables that contain the field VKORG – Sales Organization

C001 – Cust.Grp/MaterialGrp/AcctKey (Position of VKORG within C001: 5)

C002 – Cust.Grp/Account Key (Position of VKORG within C002: 5)

C003 – Material Grp/Acct Key (Position of VKORG within C003: 5)

C004 – General (Position of VKORG within C004: 5)

C005 – Acct Key (Position of VKORG within C005: 5)

C006 – SlsOrg/Card cat. (Position of VKORG within C006: 5)

C008 – SlsOrg/Dist.chan. (Position of VKORG within C008: 5)

C009 – SlsOrg/Dist.chan./Div. (Position of VKORG within C009: 5)

C012 – Sales Org / Card type / split result (Position of VKORG within C012: 5)

C302 – IS-PAM: VKORG/GRPDEB/KTOSCHL (Position of VKORG within C302: 5)

C450 – IS-M/SD: SOrg./Publ./Edit./CGrp./AKey/BFreq. (Position of VKORG within C450: 5)

C451 – IS-M/SD: SOrg./Publ./CAccGrp./AccKey/BFreq. (Position of VKORG within C451: 5)

C452 – IS-M/SD: SOrg./Publ./AKey/BFreq. (Position of VKORG within C452: 5)

C453 – IS-M/SD: SOrg./AKey/BFreq. (Position of VKORG within C453: 5)

C502 – Condition Table for Acct.Determination: C502 (Position of VKORG within C502: 6)

CCMCSCONF – Contact search/display configuration (Position of VKORG within CCMCSCONF: 7)

CCRCC_ERRORMAIL – EHS: RegCheck: Specify Recipients for Error Messages (Position of VKORG within CCRCC_ERRORMAIL: 3)

CCRCC_MISDATACND – EHS: Condition Table: Behavior If Data Missing (Position of VKORG within CCRCC_MISDATACND: 2)

CCRCC_SDCONDTAB – EHS: Condition Table Locked in SD by Notification Check (Position of VKORG within CCRCC_SDCONDTAB: 2)

CIF_VMISD – Confirmation of Sales Area Data and Order Category for VMI (Position of VKORG within CIF_VMISD: 4)

COSTING_VARIANT – Default Costing Variant for Easy cost planning (Position of VKORG within COSTING_VARIANT: 2)

CPEC_SD_FA_PROC – CPE in SD: Determination of Procedure for Formula Assembly (Position of VKORG within CPEC_SD_FA_PROC: 2)

CVLC18V – VELO : Vehicle Search Area – Sales Organization (Position of VKORG within CVLC18V: 3)

CVLC30 – VELO : Calculation sheet profile (Position of VKORG within CVLC30: 5)

CVP_BEGRU – Authorization Group indicating blocked master data (Position of VKORG within CVP_BEGRU: 4)

CWTY001 – Claim Types Warranty Claim (Position of VKORG within CWTY001: 22)

DMF_D_TAC_MAP – DMF Customizing for Tactic Assignment (Position of VKORG within DMF_D_TAC_MAP: 3)

DPSPPC_INQ_CONF – DP SPP: Inquiry Type configuration (Position of VKORG within DPSPPC_INQ_CONF: 2)

DPSPPC_ORDTYPES – DP SPP: Document Type configuration for Order creation (Position of VKORG within DPSPPC_ORDTYPES: 2)

DPSPPC_ORD_CONF – DP SPP: Order Type configuration (Position of VKORG within DPSPPC_ORD_CONF: 2)

ESEESCC_RSVKORG – Specify Contact Data for Sales Organization (Position of VKORG within ESEESCC_RSVKORG: 2)

FIEUC_SALESOFC – SAFT : Sales offices for SAF-T Reporting (Position of VKORG within FIEUC_SALESOFC: 4)

FIPLD_SALESOFC – SAFT : Sales offices for SAF-T Reporting (Position of VKORG within FIPLD_SALESOFC: 4)

FSH_DELV_MNT – Maintain Delivery Process for Special Sales Processes (Position of VKORG within FSH_DELV_MNT: 2)

FSH_OS_SD – Order Type specific data for sales organisation/distribution (Position of VKORG within FSH_OS_SD: 3)

FSH_OS_STO – Document type customizing for STO’s (Position of VKORG within FSH_OS_STO: 3)

FSH_SD_ALLOC – ARun: Handling in SD documents (Position of VKORG within FSH_SD_ALLOC: 3)

FSH_SD_ALLOC_T – ARun: handling in SD documents (text) (Position of VKORG within FSH_SD_ALLOC_T: 3)

FSH_TVV10 – Customer group 10 (Position of VKORG within FSH_TVV10: 2)

FSH_TVV10T – Customer group 10: Description (Position of VKORG within FSH_TVV10T: 2)

FSH_TVV6 – Customer Group 6 (Position of VKORG within FSH_TVV6: 2)

FSH_TVV6T – Customer group 6: Description (Position of VKORG within FSH_TVV6T: 2)

FSH_TVV7 – Customer group 7 (Position of VKORG within FSH_TVV7: 2)

FSH_TVV7T – Customer group 7: Description (Position of VKORG within FSH_TVV7T: 2)

FSH_TVV8 – Customer group 8 (Position of VKORG within FSH_TVV8: 2)

FSH_TVV8T – Customer group 8: Description (Position of VKORG within FSH_TVV8T: 2)

FSH_TVV9 – Customer group 9 (Position of VKORG within FSH_TVV9: 2)

FSH_TVV9T – Customer group 9: Description (Position of VKORG within FSH_TVV9T: 2)

GTCN_TR_ORG_LEVL – Tax Refund Customizing Table: Organization Levels (Position of VKORG within GTCN_TR_ORG_LEVL: 4)

HRP1037 – Infotype 1037 DB Table (Position of VKORG within HRP1037: 21)

IDGT_CONF_SA – GTI Configuration by Sales Area (Position of VKORG within IDGT_CONF_SA: 2)

IDPL_DP_NUM_RANG – Poland: Number range for the clearing documents (Position of VKORG within IDPL_DP_NUM_RANG: 3)

JHATS – IS-M: Technical System Pricing Procedure Determ.for Pricing (Position of VKORG within JHATS: 2)

JLTEKORG – IS-M: Assignment of Purchasing Organizations to Sales Areas (Position of VKORG within JLTEKORG: 2)

J_1ASNRDT1 – Branch Determination for Deliveries (Position of VKORG within J_1ASNRDT1: 2)

J_1A_WS_BRANCH – AR:WS Branch determination(Shipping Point) (Position of VKORG within J_1A_WS_BRANCH: 2)

J_1IBILDET – Billing Type Determination – India (Position of VKORG within J_1IBILDET: 5)

J_1IDCLSDET – Document class Determination – India (Position of VKORG within J_1IDCLSDET: 5)

J_1IEXSRDET – Excise / Series group determination (Position of VKORG within J_1IEXSRDET: 2)

J_3GGBBKVB – Sales Area per Company Code/Business Area/Plant (Position of VKORG within J_3GGBBKVB: 5)

J_3GTVKO – Customer Internal Settlement per Sales Organization in CEM (Position of VKORG within J_3GTVKO: 2)

J_3R_CLFT10TXT – Customizing Table for TORG-10 Text Types (Position of VKORG within J_3R_CLFT10TXT: 2)

J_7LC04 – REA Data Filters: Sales Areas (Position of VKORG within J_7LC04: 3)

J_7LC191 – REA Data Filters: Splitting for Sales Transactions (Position of VKORG within J_7LC191: 5)

J_7LC193 – REA Data Filters: Transaction-Dependent Sales Data Filters (Position of VKORG within J_7LC193: 6)

J_7LC23 – REA Customizing: Assignments for Automatic Article Managemnt (Position of VKORG within J_7LC23: 5)

J_7LC53 – REA Data Filters: Assignment Access Sequences Customer Hier. (Position of VKORG within J_7LC53: 6)

J_7LC58 – REA Customizing: Posting of Accruals Corrections (Position of VKORG within J_7LC58: 14)

MATGRP_CUST_VK – Control Parameters for Distribution Chain Article Hierarchy (Position of VKORG within MATGRP_CUST_VK: 2)

MSR_C_ARC_SR – Archiving of Customers Returns (Position of VKORG within MSR_C_ARC_SR: 2)

OI0_PROPT_OB_TF – Set time frame for outbond notification (Position of VKORG within OI0_PROPT_OB_TF: 2)

OID9I – Remapping Default Item Categories (Position of VKORG within OID9I: 2)

OIDAP – Automatic Plant Determination (Position of VKORG within OIDAP: 2)

OIISCPSOE – SCP: Sales order entry default group (Position of VKORG within OIISCPSOE: 3)

OIKTPIRD – TPI: SD doc. – obsolete – but needed for XPRA ROIKXTPIREL (Position of VKORG within OIKTPIRD: 4)

PRICAT_UNITS – PRICAT outbound: Transferable units of measure (Customizing) (Position of VKORG within PRICAT_UNITS: 2)

PRSC_CATDETMAT – Engagement mgmt: Determine Materials for Categories (Position of VKORG within PRSC_CATDETMAT: 3)

PRSC_CTRL – Engagement mgmt: Process Control (Position of VKORG within PRSC_CTRL: 3)

PRSC_MATDETCAT – Engagement mgmt: Determine Categories for Materials (Position of VKORG within PRSC_MATDETCAT: 3)

PRSC_SCRVAL – Engagement mgmt: Sceen Values (Position of VKORG within PRSC_SCRVAL: 3)

PRSC_SCRVAL_T – Engagement mgmt: Sceen Values Texts (Position of VKORG within PRSC_SCRVAL_T: 4)

RDMT_DCHAIN_SET – Price Optimization: Distribution Chain Settings (Position of VKORG within RDMT_DCHAIN_SET: 2)

SGT_SEGVAL – Segmentation Value for Supplying Plants (Position of VKORG within SGT_SEGVAL: 6)

SGT_SEGVAL_PR – Segmentation Value for Supplying Plants (Position of VKORG within SGT_SEGVAL_PR: 5)

SRA016_T_CONFIG – P&A Customer Configuration (Position of VKORG within SRA016_T_CONFIG: 2)

T001L – Storage Locations (Position of VKORG within T001L: 13)

T001W – Plants/Branches (Position of VKORG within T001W: 15)

T001W_EXT – Plants (Company’s Own and External) (Position of VKORG within T001W_EXT: 10)

T079V – Customers: Screen Selection according to Sales Org. (Position of VKORG within T079V: 2)

T340D – WM Default Values (Position of VKORG within T340D: 49)

T445Q – Prices for Price Band Categories (Position of VKORG within T445Q: 2)

T445QK – Prices for Price Band Categories (Key) (Position of VKORG within T445QK: 2)

T683C – Batch Search Procedure: Determination in Sales Docs (Position of VKORG within T683C: 2)

T683V – Pricing Procedures: Determination in Sales Docs. (Position of VKORG within T683V: 2)

T683V_CMP – Campaign Determination Procedure: Sales Doc. Determination (Position of VKORG within T683V_CMP: 2)

TASSIGN_SD_VKORG – Aux. Table for Status Info SD Maintenance View: Key VKORG (Position of VKORG within TASSIGN_SD_VKORG: 2)

TB2BCH – Batch Search Procedure: Determination in Trading contracts (Position of VKORG within TB2BCH: 2)

TB2BWEBPROFILE – Trading Contract Web Profile Table (Position of VKORG within TB2BWEBPROFILE: 3)

TCGR1 – EHS: Condition Schema for RGV Selection – Table 1 (Position of VKORG within TCGR1: 5)

TCGR2 – EHS: Condition Schema for RGV Selection – Table 2 (Position of VKORG within TCGR2: 6)

TCGR3 – EHS: Condition Schema for RGV Selection – Table 3 (Position of VKORG within TCGR3: 5)

TCGR4 – EHS: Condition Schema for RGV Selection – Table 4 (Position of VKORG within TCGR4: 4)

TCJ41 – Default Values for Work Breakdown Structure (Position of VKORG within TCJ41: 90)

TCM_C_SLS_MAP – Mapping TM Organizational Unit to Sales Organisation (Position of VKORG within TCM_C_SLS_MAP: 10)

TCM_ORG_SLS_MAP – Mapping TCM Organizational unit to sales organisation (Position of VKORG within TCM_ORG_SLS_MAP: 9)

TCSPF – Cross-Selling: Profile Determination (Position of VKORG within TCSPF: 2)

TDGA3 – DG: Dangerous goods – check schema – determination routine (Position of VKORG within TDGA3: 2)

TDGB5 – DG: Assign DG Check Schemas for Shipping Documents (Position of VKORG within TDGB5: 2)

TDGB9 – DG: Assign Dangerous Goods Check Schemas for Sales Documents (Position of VKORG within TDGB9: 2)

TDGD11 – EHS: Determ. Routine for Templ. Proc. in Shipping and Sales (Position of VKORG within TDGD11: 2)

TDGD13 – EHS: Validity Template Processing for Sales Documents (Position of VKORG within TDGD13: 2)

TDGD15 – EHS: Validity Template Processing for Shipping Documents (Position of VKORG within TDGD15: 2)

TEEWA_BULKY_CUST – Bulk Refuse Order Types (Position of VKORG within TEEWA_BULKY_CUST: 5)

TJBW02 – IS-M/AM BW: Access to Time Slice Rule (Position of VKORG within TJBW02: 4)

TJG96 – IS-M/SD: Alternative Currency for Country (Position of VKORG within TJG96: 2)

TJGI5 – IS-M/SD: Sales Area Conversion ERP-Non-ERP System (Position of VKORG within TJGI5: 2)

TJH01 – IS-M: Determine Bill.Type for Rev.Distribution Billing Docs (Position of VKORG within TJH01: 2)

TJH09 – IS-M/AM: Order-Related Billing Type Determination (Position of VKORG within TJH09: 2)

TJHA1 – IS-M/AM: Contract-Related Billing Type Determination (Position of VKORG within TJHA1: 2)

TJHA5 – IS-M/AM: Determine Technical System for Order Transfer (Position of VKORG within TJHA5: 2)

TJHAB – IS-M: Assign Condition References Price Fields in the Order (Position of VKORG within TJHAB: 2)

TJHANUM – IS-M/AM: No.Range Intervals for each S.Area and Order Type (Position of VKORG within TJHANUM: 2)

TJHCC_1 – IS-M/AM: Payment cards: Assign checking group to SArea/ItCat (Position of VKORG within TJHCC_1: 2)

TJHCIC_ORDER_WS – IS-M/AM: Order Fast Entry in CIC (Position of VKORG within TJHCIC_ORDER_WS: 3)

TJHGENBIGET – IS-M: Define Date Rule for Generating Billing Dataset (Position of VKORG within TJHGENBIGET: 2)

TJHK1 – IS-M/AM: Pricing Procedure: Determine for Pricing (Position of VKORG within TJHK1: 2)

TJHMC1 – IS-M/AM: Update Group Determination for Order Header (Position of VKORG within TJHMC1: 2)

TJHMC2 – IS-M/AM: Statistic Group Determination for Billing Dataset (Position of VKORG within TJHMC2: 2)

TJHMC3 – Statistics Group Determination for Item/B.Datatset/Schd.Line (Position of VKORG within TJHMC3: 2)

TJHVA – IS-M/AM: General Contract Attributes for Sales Area (Position of VKORG within TJHVA: 3)

TJHVAAA – IS-M/AM: Structure of Scale Access for Contract Settlement (Position of VKORG within TJHVAAA: 2)

TJHVA_PA – Define Default Contract Attributes: For Specific Item Types (Position of VKORG within TJHVA_PA: 2)

TJHVBER – IS-M/AM: General Settings for Specific Sales Areas (Position of VKORG within TJHVBER: 2)

TJHWWW_JHAW – IS-M/AM: Enter Classified Ad IAC: General Settings (Position of VKORG within TJHWWW_JHAW: 3)

TJJ13VB – IS-M/AM: Format Ad Type Sales Area Assignment (Position of VKORG within TJJ13VB: 2)

TJJ15VB – IS-M: Positioning Ad Type Sales Area Assignment (Position of VKORG within TJJ15VB: 2)

TJJ27 – IS-M/AM: Creditworthiness Interpretation (Sales Area Spec.) (Position of VKORG within TJJ27: 2)

TJJ45 – IS-M/AM: Minimum and Maximum Sizes for Ads (Position of VKORG within TJJ45: 2)

TJJ65VB – IS-M/AM: Positioning Instruction Sales Area Assignment (Position of VKORG within TJJ65VB: 2)

TJJA1 – IS-M/AM: Credit Query Interpretation (Sales Area-Specific) (Position of VKORG within TJJA1: 2)

TJJA6 – IS-M/AM: Control Sales Agent Determination (Position of VKORG within TJJA6: 2)

TJJMC1 – IS-M/SD: Provisional Test (Position of VKORG within TJJMC1: 2)

TJJPRDH_TVTB – IS-M/AM Prdh (S&P): Assign Link Table to S&P Product Hier. (Position of VKORG within TJJPRDH_TVTB: 2)

TJJV17 – IS-M: Control Contract Determination for Order Billing (Position of VKORG within TJJV17: 3)

TJJV19 – IS-M: Pricing Procedure per Contract Unit of Measure (Position of VKORG within TJJV19: 3)

TJJV3VB – IS-M: Partner Access Sequence: Allowed Sales Areas (Position of VKORG within TJJV3VB: 4)

TJJV4 – IS-M: Type of Media-Mix COA Creation (Position of VKORG within TJJV4: 5)

TJK05 – Pricing Procedures: Determination in Sales Documents (Position of VKORG within TJK05: 2)

TJK09 – IS-M/SD: Maximum Quantity in Order Processing (Position of VKORG within TJK09: 2)

TJK14 – IS-M/SD: Lock Limit – Release for Returns/Complaint (Position of VKORG within TJK14: 3)

TJKBC01 – IS-M/SD: Undesirable Orders, Control Data (Position of VKORG within TJKBC01: 2)

TJKBC02 – IS-M/SD: Undesirable Orders, Filter Data (Position of VKORG within TJKBC02: 2)

TJKFA – IS-M/SD: Billing Methods for Subscription (Position of VKORG within TJKFA: 2)

TJKMC3 – IS-M/SD: Definition of Update Group for Sales Doc., Header (Position of VKORG within TJKMC3: 2)

TJKMC4 – IS-M/SD: Definition of Update Group for Sales Doc., Item (Position of VKORG within TJKMC4: 2)

TJKMC5 – IS-M/SD: Definition of Update Group for Deliveries (Position of VKORG within TJKMC5: 2)

TJKMC6 – IS-M/SD: Def.of Update Group per Order-Delivery Assgmt (Position of VKORG within TJKMC6: 2)

TJKRRSE – IS-M/SD: Monitoring Procedure Determination (Position of VKORG within TJKRRSE: 2)

TJKSDCICORDCHECK – Checking Rule in Customer Interaction Center per Order Type (Position of VKORG within TJKSDCICORDCHECK: 2)

TJKSDCICORDPSTYV – Determine Allowed Item Categories in CIC (Position of VKORG within TJKSDCICORDPSTYV: 2)

TJKSDCICORDTYPES – Order Type Determination for Subsequent Deliveries in CIC (Position of VKORG within TJKSDCICORDTYPES: 2)

TJKSDCIC_CLAIMS – CIC: Delivery Component (Position of VKORG within TJKSDCIC_CLAIMS: 3)

TJKSDCIC_CONLST – CIC: Contract Overview Component (Position of VKORG within TJKSDCIC_CONLST: 3)

TJKSDCIC_CONTLST – CIC: Contracts Component (Position of VKORG within TJKSDCIC_CONTLST: 3)

TJKSDCIC_QUANPLA – CIC: Quantity Planning Component (Position of VKORG within TJKSDCIC_QUANPLA: 3)

TJKSDCIC_RECALL – CIC: Returns Component (Position of VKORG within TJKSDCIC_RECALL: 3)

TJKSDCOLLDETPSTY – Collection: Determine Item Category (Position of VKORG within TJKSDCOLLDETPSTY: 6)

TJKSDPLANORGSA – Assignment of Sales Areas to Planning Organization (Position of VKORG within TJKSDPLANORGSA: 3)

TJKSDWWW10 – IS-M: Customizing Table for Retail via Internet (Position of VKORG within TJKSDWWW10: 4)

TJKWV – IS-M/SD: External Connection – Sales Area Determination (Position of VKORG within TJKWV: 3)

TJKWWW_FIX – IS-M/SD: WWW, Combinations of Fixed Order Values (Position of VKORG within TJKWWW_FIX: 4)

TJMSD2SD – IS-M/SD: Customizing Settings for LES Interface (Position of VKORG within TJMSD2SD: 7)

TJYCIC_MAM_OLST – IS-M/AM: CIC, Order Overview (Position of VKORG within TJYCIC_MAM_OLST: 3)

TJYCIC_MSD_OLST – IS-M/SD: CIC, Order Overview (Position of VKORG within TJYCIC_MSD_OLST: 3)

TJYEDD – IS-M: Electronic Document Delivery (Position of VKORG within TJYEDD: 2)

TKSFK – Update Sequence: Sales Activity Processing Statistics: Headr (Position of VKORG within TKSFK: 2)

TMS_C_SAG – Ext. TMS: Settings for Int. of Sales Scheduling Agreements (Position of VKORG within TMS_C_SAG: 3)

TMS_C_SLS – Ext.Transport Manag.: Determination of Transfer Relevance SD (Position of VKORG within TMS_C_SLS: 2)

TN01 – IS-H: Institutions (Position of VKORG within TN01: 18)

TOI0_REL_SD – IS-OIL: Relevance customizing for SD Documents (Position of VKORG within TOI0_REL_SD: 7)

TOI0_REL_TC – TSW relevance table for trading contract (Position of VKORG within TOI0_REL_TC: 10)

TOIAF – Sales Fee Account Assignment (Position of VKORG within TOIAF: 2)

TOIKDEFTOL – OIL-TPI: Storage of default tolerances (Position of VKORG within TOIKDEFTOL: 2)

TOIKTRV – LID TAS relevance determination (Position of VKORG within TOIKTRV: 4)

TPVSB – Product Proposal: Batch Procedure Determination (Position of VKORG within TPVSB: 2)

TPVSO – Product Proposal: Online Procedure Determination (Position of VKORG within TPVSO: 2)

TVAKZ – Sales Documents: Allowed Order Types per Sales Org. (Position of VKORG within TVAKZ: 2)

TVARL – Archiving Control for Delivery (Position of VKORG within TVARL: 2)

TVAUK – Cost Center Determination (Position of VKORG within TVAUK: 2)

TVKBZ – Org.Unit: Sales Office: Assignment to Organizational Unit (Position of VKORG within TVKBZ: 2)

TVKO – Organizational Unit: Sales Organizations (Position of VKORG within TVKO: 2)

TVKOS – Organizational Unit: Divisions per Sales Organization (Position of VKORG within TVKOS: 2)

TVKOT – Organizational Unit: Sales Organizations: Texts (Position of VKORG within TVKOT: 3)

TVKOV – Org. Unit: Distribution Channels per Sales Organization (Position of VKORG within TVKOV: 2)

TVKP – Reference Customer Determination for Consumer(s) (Position of VKORG within TVKP: 2)

TVKWZ – Org.Unit: Allowed Plants per Sales Organization (Position of VKORG within TVKWZ: 2)

TVTA – Organizational Unit: Sales Area(s) (Position of VKORG within TVTA: 2)

TWEGO – Sales Price Calculation: Assignment of price point group (Position of VKORG within TWEGO: 2)

TWKAO – Sales Price Calculation: Assignment of pricing type (Position of VKORG within TWKAO: 2)

TWPKO – Sales price calculation: data on SOrg/distr.chnn/matcl level (Position of VKORG within TWPKO: 2)

TWSAJ – Annual seasons (distribution chain-specific) (Position of VKORG within TWSAJ: 5)

TWZLA – Splitting types for structured materials (Position of VKORG within TWZLA: 6)

USRM1 – Material Master User Settings: Organizational Levels (Position of VKORG within USRM1: 15)

USRM3 – Material Master User Settings: Retail Organizational Levels (Position of VKORG within USRM3: 8)

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