Where to find Maximum Packing Length of Packaging Material in SAP Material Master

In the SAP Material Master, the Maximum Packing Length of Packaging Material can be found in the “Basic Data” view, under the “Packing” sub-tab. This is part of the packaging data and can be used for all the materials that need to be packaged.

You can navigate to the material master record by going to the “Logistics” menu, selecting “Materials Management”, and then choosing “Material Master” or use tcode MM01/MM02. Then in the material master record select the “Basic Data” view then the “Packing” sub-tab where you can find the field for “Maximum Packing Length”

This field is used to specify the maximum length of a package for the material. It is usually used for materials that are packaged in boxes or other containers, and is used for shipping and transportation purposes. The value that you enter in this field is used in conjunction with other packaging data, such as the package type, to calculate the total number of packages that are required to ship a certain quantity of the material.

Keep in mind that this is not a mandatory field, but is recommended to be filled in as this data is used in the process of packing, transportation and sometimes in the inventory management as well.

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