SAP customizing tables that contain the field VKGRP – Sales Group

SAP customizing tables that contain the field VKGRP – Sales Group

TB2BWEBPROFILE – Trading Contract Web Profile Table (Position of VKGRP within TB2BWEBPROFILE: 7)

TJBW02 – IS-M/AM BW: Access to Time Slice Rule (Position of VKGRP within TJBW02: 8)

TJHCIC_ORDER_WS – IS-M/AM: Order Fast Entry in CIC (Position of VKGRP within TJHCIC_ORDER_WS: 7)

TJHPRINT – IS-M/AM: Output Control (Position of VKGRP within TJHPRINT: 4)

TJHWWW_JHAW – IS-M/AM: Enter Classified Ad IAC: General Settings (Position of VKGRP within TJHWWW_JHAW: 7)

TJKWV – IS-M/SD: External Connection – Sales Area Determination (Position of VKGRP within TJKWV: 7)

TJKWWW_FIX – IS-M/SD: WWW, Combinations of Fixed Order Values (Position of VKGRP within TJKWWW_FIX: 9)

TPVSO – Product Proposal: Online Procedure Determination (Position of VKGRP within TPVSO: 6)

TVBVK – Organizational Unit: Sales Groups per Sales Office (Position of VKGRP within TVBVK: 3)

TVGRT – Organizational Unit: Sales Groups: Texts (Position of VKGRP within TVGRT: 3)

TVKGR – Organizational Unit: Sales Groups (Position of VKGRP within TVKGR: 2)

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