SAP customizing tables that contain the field KUNNR – Customer number

SAP customizing tables that contain the field KUNNR – Customer number

BOE_C_AMT_KN – Max amount per certain custumer for rec. BoE (Position of KUNNR within BOE_C_AMT_KN: 3)

CHBSINTC – RE-SCM – sold to interal party for canceled sales! (Position of KUNNR within CHBSINTC: 2)

CIF_VMISD – Confirmation of Sales Area Data and Order Category for VMI (Position of KUNNR within CIF_VMISD: 2)

CVLC30 – VELO : Calculation sheet profile (Position of KUNNR within CVLC30: 8)

EDPAR – Convert External < > Internal Partner Number (Position of KUNNR within EDPAR: 2)

FIWF_ACGRP – Account Assignment Groups for Role Definition (Position of KUNNR within FIWF_ACGRP: 7)

FMLGD_H_VG_01_01 – Budget Type 01: Customer Down Payment (Position of KUNNR within FMLGD_H_VG_01_01: 6)

IDGT_CUSTTYPE – VAT Invoice Type (Position of KUNNR within IDGT_CUSTTYPE: 2)

IHC_DB_NEW_TRAPO – IHC: Customizing-Table for Posting Detail Report (Position of KUNNR within IHC_DB_NEW_TRAPO: 7)

IHC_DB_TRAPO – IHC: Customizing Table for Transfer Posting Report (Position of KUNNR within IHC_DB_TRAPO: 8)

J_1UF_REEII_XML – XML table for J_1UF_REEII (Position of KUNNR within J_1UF_REEII_XML: 12)

J_1UF_RES_XML – XML table for J_1UF_RES (Position of KUNNR within J_1UF_RES_XML: 12)

J_1UF_TP_PARTY – Controlled contractors (Position of KUNNR within J_1UF_TP_PARTY: 3)

J_3GDEMEQUI – Default Recipient for Equipment per Organizational Structure (Position of KUNNR within J_3GDEMEQUI: 5)

J_3GDEMPERS – Default Recipient for Personnel Performance per Org. Struct. (Position of KUNNR within J_3GDEMPERS: 5)

J_3GTVKO – Customer Internal Settlement per Sales Organization in CEM (Position of KUNNR within J_3GTVKO: 3)

J_3RFIN_RATE_CLC – Downpayments rate calculator for foreign currency – invoices (Position of KUNNR within J_3RFIN_RATE_CLC: 3)

J_3RFPM_RATE_CLC – Downpayments rate calculator for foreign currency – payments (Position of KUNNR within J_3RFPM_RATE_CLC: 7)

J_7LC191 – REA Data Filters: Splitting for Sales Transactions (Position of KUNNR within J_7LC191: 9)

J_7LC193 – REA Data Filters: Transaction-Dependent Sales Data Filters (Position of KUNNR within J_7LC193: 10)

J_7LC23 – REA Customizing: Assignments for Automatic Article Managemnt (Position of KUNNR within J_7LC23: 7)

J_7LC58 – REA Customizing: Posting of Accruals Corrections (Position of KUNNR within J_7LC58: 12)

J_7LC59 – REA Customizing: Assignment of Accruals Correction Posting (Position of KUNNR within J_7LC59: 6)

J_7LE01 – REA Partner Master Record: General Data (Country-Dependent) (Position of KUNNR within J_7LE01: 8)

OIH_J1B_SAL_2 – Brazil: ICMS Deferment (Position of KUNNR within OIH_J1B_SAL_2: 7)

OIH_J_1BTXCI2 – Tax calc.: Complement of ICMS rules INSIDE CALCULATION (Position of KUNNR within OIH_J_1BTXCI2: 7)

OIH_J_1BTXIX1 – Tax calc.: ISS rules for sales and purchasing exeptions (Position of KUNNR within OIH_J_1BTXIX1: 8)

OIO_CM_OSLOC – Store locations relevant to RLM (Position of KUNNR within OIO_CM_OSLOC: 5)

T001L – Storage Locations (Position of KUNNR within T001L: 17)

T001W – Plants/Branches (Position of KUNNR within T001W: 5)

T028RTRANS – Repetitive Transfer Transactions (Position of KUNNR within T028RTRANS: 19)

T610Z – Foreign Trade: Customs Identification Nos – Vendor/Customer (Position of KUNNR within T610Z: 3)

T610O – Foreign Trade: Authorities (Position of KUNNR within T610O: 4)

TABKT – Automatic Accounts for End-Year Closing/Opening Postings ITA (Position of KUNNR within TABKT: 6)

TCGR1 – EHS: Condition Schema for RGV Selection – Table 1 (Position of KUNNR within TCGR1: 2)

TCRBF – Determination of Staging Area via Customer/Storage Condition (Position of KUNNR within TCRBF: 3)

TCTBF – Determine gate and picked item zone via customer (Position of KUNNR within TCTBF: 3)

TIVBPVENDORGEN – Vendor Preassignment (General Data) (Position of KUNNR within TIVBPVENDORGEN: 19)

TMAWBEVENT – Definiton of Possible Transactions for LE Goods Movements (Position of KUNNR within TMAWBEVENT: 14)

TOI0_REL_MM – Relevance customizing for MM Documents (Position of KUNNR within TOI0_REL_MM: 11)

TOI0_REL_RES – Relevance customizing for Reservations (Position of KUNNR within TOI0_REL_RES: 18)

TOI0_REL_SD – IS-OIL: Relevance customizing for SD Documents (Position of KUNNR within TOI0_REL_SD: 22)

TOI0_REL_TC – TSW relevance table for trading contract (Position of KUNNR within TOI0_REL_TC: 8)

TVKN – Routes: Transportation Connection Points (Position of KUNNR within TVKN: 20)

TVKO – Organizational Unit: Sales Organizations (Position of KUNNR within TVKO: 12)

TVKP – Reference Customer Determination for Consumer(s) (Position of KUNNR within TVKP: 5)

TWICOSTORE – Online Stores (Position of KUNNR within TWICOSTORE: 13)

TWPDZ – Assignment of credit card institute to customer (Position of KUNNR within TWPDZ: 4)

TWZLA – Splitting types for structured materials (Position of KUNNR within TWZLA: 9)

TZB33 – Pmnt PP: Default Susp. Acct Cust. for Refund by Bank Transf. (Position of KUNNR within TZB33: 3)

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