SAP customizing tables that contain the field LGORT – Storage Location

SAP customizing tables that contain the field LGORT – Storage Location

ADPMIVROTSUB – AD: Define inventory structure for rotable parts (subitem) (Position of LGORT within ADPMIVROTSUB: 5)

CCRCC_BW – EHS: Maintenance of Bonded Warehouses (Position of LGORT within CCRCC_BW: 5)

CIF_MAP_SP_SL – Unique Mapping of Shipping Point to Storage Location (Position of LGORT within CIF_MAP_SP_SL: 3)

CKMLDUVN001L – Distribution of Consumption Differences: Activation Control (Position of LGORT within CKMLDUVN001L: 3)

DIT434P – Stock determination: FS item table (Position of LGORT within DIT434P: 7)

ESPST – Storage location parameter for procurement with ESP (Position of LGORT within ESPST: 3)

J_1ASNRDT2 – Branch determination for material movements (Position of LGORT within J_1ASNRDT2: 3)

J_3RF_ATTR_VALST – Attribute vallues text table (Position of LGORT within J_3RF_ATTR_VALST: 9)

MDLG – Customizing: MRP Area Storage Location (Position of LGORT within MDLG: 4)

N1FSOURCE – IS-H*MED: Fill Source (Position of LGORT within N1FSOURCE: 7)

OI0_PROPT_OB_TF – Set time frame for outbond notification (Position of LGORT within OI0_PROPT_OB_TF: 4)

OIB02 – Conversion Mode (Old Transactions) (Position of LGORT within OIB02: 4)

OIH09 – Excise duty defaults for Stock Transfers (Position of LGORT within OIH09: 3)

OIH24 – ED GROUPING CODE (Position of LGORT within OIH24: 4)

OIKTPIRD – TPI: SD doc. – obsolete – but needed for XPRA ROIKXTPIREL (Position of LGORT within OIKTPIRD: 8)

OIO_CM_OPLNT – Plants relevant to RLM (Position of LGORT within OIO_CM_OPLNT: 7)

OIO_CM_OSLOC – Store locations relevant to RLM (Position of LGORT within OIO_CM_OSLOC: 3)

OIO_CM_SPROC_DVS – Supply process derivation from store location (Position of LGORT within OIO_CM_SPROC_DVS: 3)

OIO_SP_DFLDA – Default loading areas (Position of LGORT within OIO_SP_DFLDA: 3)

PRILOC – Prioritizing of Storage Locations (Position of LGORT within PRILOC: 3)

T001L – Storage Locations (Position of LGORT within T001L: 3)

T159X – Inventory Management: XAB numer range determination (Position of LGORT within T159X: 3)

T163LV – Determination of Confirmation Control Key (Position of LGORT within T163LV: 5)

T313Y – ILN for SSCC Generation at Storage Location Level (Position of LGORT within T313Y: 3)

T320 – Assignment IM Storage Location to WM Warehouse Number (Position of LGORT within T320: 3)

T320A – WM: Storage Location Control (Position of LGORT within T320A: 5)

T434P – Stock determination: FS item table (Position of LGORT within T434P: 7)

TE9XX1 – Help Table for Specifying Material/Equipment Ref. (Position of LGORT within TE9XX1: 4)

TJKSDSFRULELOC – Assignment of Rule, Plant, Stock Type, Warehouse (Position of LGORT within TJKSDSFRULELOC: 5)

TJKSDSTFRWORKDET – Details of Goods Movement Procedure (Position of LGORT within TJKSDSTFRWORKDET: 3)

TMAWBEVENT – Definiton of Possible Transactions for LE Goods Movements (Position of LGORT within TMAWBEVENT: 7)

TNAD9 – Output Determination: Printer per SLoc. and User Group (Position of LGORT within TNAD9: 5)

TOI0_REL_MM – Relevance customizing for MM Documents (Position of LGORT within TOI0_REL_MM: 14)

TOI0_REL_PL – IS-OIL: Relevance customizing for planned orders (Position of LGORT within TOI0_REL_PL: 13)

TOI0_REL_PP – IS-OIL: Relevance customizing for PP Documents (Position of LGORT within TOI0_REL_PP: 13)

TOI0_REL_RES – Relevance customizing for Reservations (Position of LGORT within TOI0_REL_RES: 10)

TOI0_REL_SD – IS-OIL: Relevance customizing for SD Documents (Position of LGORT within TOI0_REL_SD: 11)

TOI0_REL_TC – TSW relevance table for trading contract (Position of LGORT within TOI0_REL_TC: 22)

TOIKTRV – LID TAS relevance determination (Position of LGORT within TOIKTRV: 9)

TVKN – Routes: Transportation Connection Points (Position of LGORT within TVKN: 26)

TVKO – Organizational Unit: Sales Organizations (Position of LGORT within TVKO: 22)

TVKOL – Picking: Storage Location Determination for Deliveries (Position of LGORT within TVKOL: 5)

TVLOZ – Determination of Deliv. Type for Gds Mvmnts for Inb. Deliv. (Position of LGORT within TVLOZ: 4)

TVLTZ – Determin. of Deliv. Type for Transf. Postings or Stk Trnsfrs (Position of LGORT within TVLTZ: 4)

TVSTZ – Organizational Unit: Shipping Points per Plant (Position of LGORT within TVSTZ: 5)

TVSTZ_STORLOC – Storage-Location-Specific Shipping Point Determination (Position of LGORT within TVSTZ_STORLOC: 5)

TWLAD – Determination of Address from Plant and Storage Location (Position of LGORT within TWLAD: 3)

TWLOF – Storage location determination (Position of LGORT within TWLOF: 5)

TWLVZ – Assign Shipping Point as Goods Receiving Point to Plant/SLoc (Position of LGORT within TWLVZ: 3)

TWPIB – Transaction-type-based control of sales as per receipts POS (Position of LGORT within TWPIB: 9)

TWPIR – General control of upload of sales as per receipts POS (Position of LGORT within TWPIR: 8)

TWPIS – POS interface: profile for internal interfaces (Position of LGORT within TWPIS: 20)

TWPIV – General control of aggregated sales upload POS (Position of LGORT within TWPIV: 8)

USRM1 – Material Master User Settings: Organizational Levels (Position of LGORT within USRM1: 7)

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