SAP customizing tables that contain the field ROUTE – Route

SAP customizing tables that contain the field ROUTE – Route

BORRTTS – Route schedule header (new) (Position of ROUTE within BORRTTS: 4)

EADRCITYROUTE – Routes for City (Position of ROUTE within EADRCITYROUTE: 4)

EADRSTRTROUTE – Route Number for Street Section (Position of ROUTE within EADRSTRTROUTE: 10)

HRT1981 – Table Section Infotype 1981 (Position of ROUTE within HRT1981: 11)

IHC_DB_ROUTE – IHC: Assignment of Route to a Clearing Unit (Position of ROUTE within IHC_DB_ROUTE: 3)

IHC_DB_ROUTE_T – IHC: Text Table for Route (Position of ROUTE within IHC_DB_ROUTE_T: 3)

T77TB03 – Fares (Position of ROUTE within T77TB03: 3)

TBCA_ROUTE – Routing Definitions (Position of ROUTE within TBCA_ROUTE: 3)

TBCA_ROUTEDET – Route Determination (Position of ROUTE within TBCA_ROUTEDET: 7)

TDGT1 – DG: Alloc. route, dep. country, dest. country a. RoRo ind. (Position of ROUTE within TDGT1: 2)

TDGT2 – DG: Transit countries, leg indicator, indicator sea/air (Position of ROUTE within TDGT2: 2)

TEWASERVGRPTMPL – Default Values for Service Grouping (Position of ROUTE within TEWASERVGRPTMPL: 12)

TJMSD2SD – IS-M/SD: Customizing Settings for LES Interface (Position of ROUTE within TJMSD2SD: 3)

TN17E – IS-H: Drug Allergies – Routes of Administration (Position of ROUTE within TN17E: 2)

TN17Q – IS-H: Drug allergy – texts for routes of administration (Position of ROUTE within TN17Q: 3)

TROAL – Routes: Allowed Actual Routes for Delivery (Position of ROUTE within TROAL: 2)

TROAZ – Routes: Determination in Sales Documents (Position of ROUTE within TROAZ: 8)

TROLZ – Routes: Determination in Deliveries (Position of ROUTE within TROLZ: 9)

TROLZI – Routes: Determination in Inbound Deliveries (Position of ROUTE within TROLZI: 5)

TVRAB – Route Stages (Position of ROUTE within TVRAB: 2)

TVRO – Routes (Position of ROUTE within TVRO: 2)

TVROT – Routes: Texts (Position of ROUTE within TVROT: 3)

TVRSZ – Routes: Legs for each Route (Position of ROUTE within TVRSZ: 2)

VALW – Delivery Plan: Definition of Route Schedule (Position of ROUTE within VALW: 3)

VTPRG – Transport. planng system cumulation proc. for delivery item (Position of ROUTE within VTPRG: 3)

VTPRL – Transportation Planning System Route Limitations (Position of ROUTE within VTPRL: 3)

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